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Even though this is not a club event, I'm sure some of you will 

be interested in this annual ride.     "THE BORDER RUN". 

Deb and I left Friday with Neil Davey, BMW MCC Webmaster, and caught up with Garth at Port Wakefield. A quick Macca’s at Port Augusta then on to Wudinna for a cup of tea and a bit of mum’s famous sultana cake.

Arrived at Streaky Bay about 5.00pm and were greeted by Phil Chick and his mates. A pleasant evening with the necessary libations followed by a soft bed. Phil and co left at 5.30 am so we had a quick breakfast and were on the road by 8.00am heading to Ceduna. A quick rest stop at Nundroo where the RT succumbed to gravity and bad footing [fell over] and onto Nullarbor roadhouse for a sandwich.

Arrived at the Border Village mid-afternoon which, with the time change, became 1.30pm. We’d booked into an Atco hut out the back which had all mod cons but very thin blankets.

Circulated around the place and caught up with a lot of mates from the WA BMW MCC. Chris Jones, Brian Kowalik, Chester and Kate Cavanagh had also made the trek.

Very sunny and warm afternoon followed by an ordinary meal and a freezing night!

On the road by 8.00am and back to Nullarbor for petrol and a bacon and egg sandwich that was second to none. Petrol and lunch at Ceduna and a quick cup of tea at Wudinna to stretch our legs saw us arrive at Kimba about 5.00pm.

Chris Jones joined us for dinner after which we had an early night.

Monday dawned extremely cold and clear and we shivered for a while till the heated seats cut in.

Port Augusta for a coffee and on to Port Wakefield for petrol and a farewell to Neil who continued to Horsham for the night.

Touched down at home by 2.00pm after a very satisfying 2,500 kms.




NOT the Border Run, 3rd. Aug. 2014.

There weren't many of us, just 5 on 5 bikes that met at the Central meeting point on West 

Terrace for a 10.00 am departure. Harry led, taking us up the Freeway, turning off through 

Littlehampton, Nairne, down the old Princes Highway and over the old bridge at Murray 

Bridge to Tailem Bend for a bite to eat and a coffee. From there we headed off to Karoonda in

perfect weather, who said it was winter. A brief meeting was held and we decided to head 

back to Murray Bridge and through the hills to Harry's place at Kersbrook for an afternoon 

cuppa before heading our respective ways home.

Home to home I covered 367 klms. so it was a good ride with corners and straights in perfect 

weather and in good company. A very good and very enjoyable day. Thanks Harry.



Annual Club Dinner and awards night, 26th. of July, 2014.

Well, what a turn out. Those that didn't attend missed out on a good night, in fact going

on past numbers, the venue, Marcellina Pizza Bar & Restaurant at Darlington, was booked for 52 people in our own private area. 48 adults along with 3 children took advantage of the wonderful evening.

Thanks must go to Stephen Mutton who suggested and organised this venue. It was an outstanding success, the only downside that I could see was the noise, probably caused mostly by 50 odd people all trying to converse at the same time. 

After a meal and drinks of your own choice, our illustrious el President, Garth, handed out some yearly awards, one being the Hard Luck perpetual trophy, awarded yet once again to Tom Griffin. You might as well keep it Tom, you don't seem to want to share it too much.

The Bill Brown Clubman of the Year went to a very quiet, but nearly always in attendance member,  David Murray.

The Golden Pen award went to Chester Cavanagh, what did you do Chester, write us a novel or two?.

A new award this year, instigated by President Garth, is to be forever known as the TB Award.

You, along with many others wondered what the heck is the TB award. Well the explanation is that one of our members is always complaining about the sh'' tea bags in the clubrooms, well now he has his award, a brand new Tea Pot, with his very own supply of Tea Bags. Tea Bags, hence the award name of the TB award. We all hope that this meets with your approval Harry and that you may even share a NICE cup of tea with us occasionally.

Last but not least was the Presidents award which was awarded to me, Norm Watson. I don't really know why, but it was much appreciated. Thank you. 

This was a well managed event, one that we hope to emulate in the years to come. 

Ideas for future venues are always welcomed. 

Hopefully we will all be in attendance for next year's event. See ya around, Norm.  

PS.   don't forget to look at the rest of the evenings photos to be found in " Gallery ".


24 hr. Trial, 12 - 13th. July, 2014.

Membership turnout this year was disappointing with a lot of work left to the faithful few.

All went well. Cold as charity overnight! Very frosty in the morning.


24 Hr. Trial Dry Run, 6th. of July, 2014

Several hardy souls left North and picked up a few at Gawler and continued to Kapunda for a quick toilet stop.

The control point, about 8 kms out of Kapunda, was eventually found and lunch consumed and battle plans drawn for the following weekend.

A quick visit to the home of Ross Vogt for a cup of tea and a marvel at his many collections rounded of a sunny, somewhat chilly day.


Winter Solstice Breakfast Run, 22nd. June 2014.

The Winter Solstice Run gathered at Shell, West Terrace for a 6.00am departure to celebrate the shortest day of the year.

9 brave souls on 7 bikes led by Brian Kowalik, who took us through most of the bendy roads in the Adelaide hills including a few visits to the town of Nairne!

After negotiating Corkscrew Road in Montacute, we proceeded, as the dawn broke, towards Mount Pleasant and on to Angaston.

Breakfast at the SA Company Store was certainly appreciated by all present.

Thanks to the brave few for attending a challenging run.