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24 hr. Trial, 12 - 13th. July, 2014.

Membership turnout this year was disappointing with a lot of work left to the faithful few.

All went well. Cold as charity overnight! Very frosty in the morning.


24 Hr. Trial Dry Run, 6th. of July, 2014

Several hardy souls left North and picked up a few at Gawler and continued to Kapunda for a quick toilet stop.

The control point, about 8 kms out of Kapunda, was eventually found and lunch consumed and battle plans drawn for the following weekend.

A quick visit to the home of Ross Vogt for a cup of tea and a marvel at his many collections rounded of a sunny, somewhat chilly day.


Winter Solstice Breakfast Run, 22nd. June 2014.

The Winter Solstice Run gathered at Shell, West Terrace for a 6.00am departure to celebrate the shortest day of the year.

9 brave souls on 7 bikes led by Brian Kowalik, who took us through most of the bendy roads in the Adelaide hills including a few visits to the town of Nairne!

After negotiating Corkscrew Road in Montacute, we proceeded, as the dawn broke, towards Mount Pleasant and on to Angaston.

Breakfast at the SA Company Store was certainly appreciated by all present.

Thanks to the brave few for attending a challenging run.


Woomera Run, 7th. 8th. & 9th. of June, 2014

After it ascertained at the General Meeting on Friday night, the run was leaving at 9.00am from North.

Started off with Garth R1200RT, Chris Jones R1200RT, Stephen & Dianne 800ST, Mark & Helen 800ST and Deb &myself R1200RT.

Caught up with Steve & Helen Wemyss at Port Wakefield, then after a top up for the 800’s at Port Pirie, had a quick bite to eat in Port Augusta.

David Kraehe, R1200RT from Cleve, had arranged to meet us for a chat after which we sped away to Woomera. 

Chris was camping and the rest of us bunked down at the Eldo Hotel, a very dated sort of accommodation which had a panoramic view of the desert and quite good food.

Gathering for dinner, we quaffed a few reds and solved most of the world’s problems in no time at all. After arranging a time to meet next morning, we toddled off to bed and believe me the outside temperatures were freezing! 

Sunday morning was cold and clear so after breakfast we decided to have a walk around. Access to the launch sight is restricted and there is a lot of dead rockets and planes to inspect in the middle of town across from the tourist information centre.

We checked out the camping ground, but Chris had already made a mile. We were further informed by the owner that the park was private property and that we should not be there without reporting to the office.

We thanked him for his brusqueness and made a mental note never to go back there! 

With lunch upon us, we gathered together the variety of snacks we had carried with us, topped up with a few extras from the supermarket and trotted down to a local park which included a display of local birdlife.

After lunch Stephen was on for a game of 10 pin bowls, so while Garth battled a crossword and Steve & Helen had a kip, the rest of us hit the lanes. We were all pretty rusty but Mark Tilka showed his prowess and came out on top. 

A short rest was due before dinner which was a little quieter than the previous night and we decided to gather about 8.00am next morning and get on the road by 8.30.

After a top up at Pimba for the 800’s it was back down a very cold road to Port Augusta for fuel and McDonalds for breakfast. Steve Wemyss elected to try and find a tire shop as his rear was a little threadbare [well they are bloody powerful bikes!] The rest of us carried on to dodge the long weekend traffic back and after a short stop at the trash and treasure market at Lochiel, arrived home about 2.30pm. 

A good ride of about 1,000 kms with a good bunch of people.