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 Saturday 15th August 2015, held at the Atujara club rooms. Our quizmaster, Tom Griffin provided the following report:

I spent several months on and of (more often of than on), pounding the keyboard, glaring into the electronic box know as a computer, searching the internet for the unusual, the rare and the mostly unused questions & answers all the time trying to avoid the usual run of the mill stuff, to see if the Owners’ Club members, their friends, their relatives and the outsiders could be stumped yet again.  Some stated that, in the past, the quiz night’s the questions & answers ‘were too easy’ so some harder ones were located.

The evening began with an ‘a hot dish to share’ and there was a good amount of casserole style dishes and variations to choose from to tempt the taste buds. Thanks to all who supplied these wonderful dishes!

There were 24 heads for the quiz which included me as the quiz master and the lovely Deb Brooking as my assistant for the night.

A big thankyou goes to the MRASA (Motorcycle Riders Association of SA) for showing up with a team of six who called themselves “The Dig Tree”.  The remainder of Club members and visitors were divided fairly equally into 3 additonal teams: - Chocolates, Mamas & Papas and the RSPCA.

The rules, or should I say the lack of them, were simple enough. Pay money and you’ll be marked correct, pay money and the other team/s loose points, pay money to gain extra points, disputes incurred a fine. I think that you get the point that I’m making! It was a fund raising evening!

Judging by a couple of disputes, I do think that there may have been two of the answers that I supplied that just might have been slightly incorrect. They are as follows.

  • How long is the Great Wall of China?  5,500 miles or 8851 km.
    • My info stated 13,100 miles or 21,100 Km. * Not too sure as to how I got this!

    • How many teaspoons in a tablespoon? Four, in Australia.
      • My info stated three – the American measurement!

    However, the above didn’t alter the outcome as far as I can tell!

    The final scores were very close with just two points separating all teams. Well done to the RSPCA team and for their “donations and bribes” proving that money can get you there in the end.  Hard luck to the other teams who fought a vicious battle.

    I stuffed up a couple of times  and I think that I got away with it, and I got a bit tongue tied with a couple of the pronunciations, but soldered on anyway.

    The proceeds of the evening were handed over to be passed on to the Treasurer and once counted, will be revealed. 

    I think that a good night was had by all and there’s a possibility that there just might be another feed & quiz night in a couple of years.   

    Till next time.

    Catch you around somewhere sometime.

    Tom Griffin


    Sunday 9th August

    This was the first regular Sunday run that I had attended since the classic run in late 2014 and having just got the 90S back after the rebuild was looking forward to it. Seven bikes and riders met at the Coles Express Darlington and had maps distributed by Dave Murray. Brian Kowalik kindly agreed to be tail end Charlie with his bright yellow bike and so shortly after 10.00am we all headed off along South rd led by Dave.

    The weather was mainly fine, although a little chilly and first stop was Mt Bold reservoir. Harry had never been there before and it has been at least 20 years since my last visit. The water level was much lower this time. A short stroll onto the dam wall and some photos of bikes and riders then back onto the bikes for the next leg to Myponga. However 3 or 4 riders decided to take a wrong turn and had to be rounded up by the corner marker. Once back together we continued towards Myponga with beautiful scenery along the way. 

    Myponga bakery for morning tea and a chat where John Sargeant was having trouble with the indicators in his recently purchased bike. Back on the bikes for a slight backtrack and then turn right and head towards Strathalbyn via Middleton and Goolwa. At Strath we found another bakery and had some lunch while standing around discussing all things bike related. 

    Shortly after 2pm we all decided to part company and head home. Many thanks to Dave Murray for organising and leading the ride. It was a very enjoyable day with good weather and enjoyable company.

    David Cushion

    1974 R90S

    BORDER RUN 2015

    The Border Run for 2015 started out on the prior Wednesday when Deb & I met up with Garth at Port Wakefield. We'd planned a leisurely ride to Coffin Bay, stopping at Port Augusta Macca's for a bite and Cowell for a cuppa on the way. We were staying with Peter & Sonia Richards, friends from a long way back. Peter was the President when I joined the Club in 1976. After soaking in the sights and occasional showers of Coffin Bay, we headed to Streaky Bay for a gathering of a lot of old friends from all points of Australia.

    A showery day Saturday saw us stuck behind a semi travelling West making a huge trail of mist that blotted out any oncoming traffic [with no overtaking lanes!!!]. 30 or 40 kms later, the road dried enough to shoot past and get to the Border by early afternoon. We'd sorted out our digs a long time ago and retired to them to dry out and warm up.
    Saturday night's dinner was a bit down on numbers probably due to the weather so after the meal and a few reds, then a few more, we toddled to the bar to sort out badges from Gunner. Several drinks later we were snug in bed ready for an early start and the promise of egg & bacon sandwiches at Nullarbor roadhouse. On to Penong for a leg stretch for Deb and through to Poochera for a cup of tea and a chunk of Mum's sultana cake saw us arrive at Kimba for the night about 3.30pm. Tanks were topped and hotel rooms sorted out then on to dinner. Another gathering of several states during which we passed the 40th birthday plaque to David McAuliffe to pass onto the Victorian MCC.

    Very misty and cold for the ride to Port Augusta next morning, but the sun eventually came out before coffee at Macca's again. The showers continued to come and go most of the way home and after a quick top up at Port Wakefield, we arrived home about 1.30pm. All in all a great trip with both Deb and I looking forward to next year.


    Bailey Gifford


    24 HOUR EVENT- 11th and 12th July 2015

    The event on the 11th and 12th July was a success, despite cold and blustery conditions.

    Thanks to the team that turned out to support the club and the riders.


    Lovely site xcept riders are now going tuther way than we thought, weather well what can we say apart from the cold & wet bits it was OK, our accommodation was an old hay/animal barn which we duly cleaned up to be our control. Harry though insisted on putting up the tent for the BBQ area. Riders weren’t due in til 4.30 so there was plenty of time to get sorted out. Our resident chef/cook had food underway by 6ish and I must say they were cooked to perfection, while we waited for the main course tomato soup was there in abundance all w/end, well done Harry, apart from the tent blowing down and the odd stumble of patrons, the w/end was a great success, one rider went so far to say he loved us all (thank you Jackob no 179), again thanks to all the brave souls who once again dared to venture into the wilds of that cold area to make our days pleasurable. 

    Garth (the not so brave) 
    Photos coming soon! 

    Coorong Run, 3/5/2015

    No report has been submitted from this ride.

    PROSPECT HILL CLASSIC - Twelve White Pouter Pigeons

    Stephen MUTTON


    These birds are reputed to be unable to forage for themselves in the wild and die if released.  On the phone I had been told that there was to be a wedding in the large hall opposite where we were booked, and so the pigeons that I saw later perhaps had been released from the wedding that I did not see.  Others in the group did see a wedding on a farm a bit before Prospect Hill but there was no sign of it in the township.

    The ride planner has selected a delightful spot as destination for the day.  It had a small hall with all the facilities, plenty of parking in front of the long, white museum where we could display our bikes, tables and chairs in the hall, and entertainment in the form of a little old woman with pink socks. James was particularly taken with her, despite her being born in the thirties, and offered to take her for a ride up the hill.  As long as she did not lose her pink socks she was game for it but he chickened out. Our meeting at central was pleasant.  More and more rolled up until we had twenty bikes lined up behind the petrol station. Our usual spot was too small and now sports ten minute only signs.  Of course, being a classic run, the aim was to highlight  the classic bikes and so there was time to ogle the great condition and strange bits on them.

    John Fellenberg was our ride leader and he gave a great talk to the group about corner marking, tail end Charlie and mobbing up, a new term for regrouping but with the tail end Charlie coming to the front to signal that all had arrived.  The usual suspects ignored his speaking and chatted on loudly and rudely.  Brian Kowalik volunteered to be tail end Charlie and donned a yellow vest while John wore an orange one.Di Bates and Stephen Mutton, Chester and Kaye Cavanagh, John Fellenberg, Dave Murray, Phil Thomas, Felix Schiller, Dave Kraehe from Cleve, James Powell on a GS 650 Sertao, Len Sundstrom, Buzz Busby, Trevor and Marilyn Green, Ken Scott, Helen and Steve Wemys, Brian Kowalik, Trudy and Rod Ryan, Margie and John McLarty and Harry Glocke rode in mostly single file until out of the city and up into Blackwood where the route wound around small streets with pedestrian/brick/speed humps.  The corner marking worked a treat and we flip flopped through Cherry Gardens on the way to Clarendon for the drink/ablution stop. John kept the speed reasonable and everyone stayed together.

    Out of Clarendon the route led onto Blewitt Springs Road and I enjoyed the calm and grey skies that allowed us to enjoy the hills. My role was to get to the hall by noon and so I let the group roll on while I peeled off and, hopefully missing the two speed traps, got to Harry’s Prominent Hill, er Prospect Hill with a couple of minutes to spare to do the paperwork for the hall hire.   Dianne and I set up the chairs and tables so that the group couldsit and chat as they ate their picnic lunch.  Nothing fancy was cooked and none of the urns or microwaves were used.  Our food was cold and delicious.

    Soon the sound the group came over the hill and John led the bikes onto the parking area.  The white museum background should show the colour of the bikes in the photos quite well.  Quite a few cameras came out and technical bits of the classics were examined.    For some time the bikes were the focus and then hunger overcame everybody and they walked to the hall, arms laden with food and drink.  It is amazing how much noise a chewing mob can make.

    Eventually John Fellenberg rose to thank the riders for doing a safe job of the ride, and to thank Brian for wearing yellow.  Len stood to offer a set of ear plugs to John McLarty for having the prettiest bike, in his opinion.  Everybody politely listened this time and Len went on to offer for sale some of the bits that he has imported, bits that fit his bikes but may also fit other people’s.  

    Soon it was time to vacate the hall and go to the museum where the curator had kindly opened at 1pm instead of 2pm so that we could pay and view earlier.  Nearly everybody was interested in the various displays spread over many buildings.  My two favourites were the tiny shepherd’s hut on a sled and the school room.  The shepherd used to drag the hut on a sled to where the sheep were grazing, and so the hut has a bed and room to stand/dress- no heating or storage.  The school room could seat ten or so.  According to the pink sock lady a young man, who may not even have been old enough for a licence, drove a canvas covered ute through the back blocks to collect six children who clambered into the back.  Even Thomas Playford once came to the school to open something.

    During lunch I asked the group about a future ride, perhaps to Yankalilla golf club where there is a similar hall for hire, along with a very large barbecue.  All were so pleased with today’s ride that this sounded a good idea, perhaps good enough to have as an annual dinner in the day time.  We can check this out and slot it into events next year if found to be suitable.

    By about 2pm some riders were already on their way home.  I had to tidy up the hall, lock up and slip the key into the post office slot. At about 3pm I rode back to Prospect Hill with the key still in my pocket for posting.   Felix was busy in the machinery shed and his bike had his waxed cotton jacket on the seat.  Pink sock lady asked me about a jacket left behind.  It was a fur lined, waxed cotton waist coat that matched the jacket on Felix’s seat and so we put it there. Everybody had chatted and shaken hands on leaving, saying how good a day it was.  The weather was perfect in being overcast but warm enough for shirt sleeves.  The destination at Prospect Hill was interesting and had good facilities.   The riders were interested in both the bikes and museum.  What more could be asked of a relaxing and short ride?  Thank you, John, for leading.

    The twelve pouter pigeons had holed up on the roof of a farm outbuilding and were not fussed at all as we rode past again and again.  Presumably the farmer feeds the birds and so they do not fly away.  The wedding hopefully went off well and the birds represent free flowing happiness.  

    Week-end overnight run, 14 and 15th March 2015

    Saturday & Sunday - 14th & 15th March Overnight Pub Run to Jamestown was a successful run with 5 bikes and 7 people travelling through Auburn and on to Mintaro. A quick stop at Martindale Hall and then on to Burra [by several routes] for lunch. A quick loop through Booberowie then on to Jamestown and the Commercial Hotel. Dinner on Saturday night with a few local reds included the social intercourse we all enjoy. A lovely breakfast next day and then back home after topping with petrol at Clare. A good run of 500 kms which would have been all the better with a few more members in attendance.


    Economy run, Sunday 8th. February 2015

    Economy Run was led by Paul Sweeney who took 10 bikes with 12 members on a warm run through Two Wells & Mallala and onto Claire for lunch. New members Rod & Trudy Ryan on an R1150RT were welcomed and everybody enjoyed the scenic tour of the roundabouts of Clare till we continued to Auburn via Mintaro for our top up and score. Bailey Gifford completed the 195km run and used 4.46 litres of petrol. A feat he will never repeat in the near future.

    See photos in "Gallery"


    Fish and Chip run, Sunday 4th. of January, 2015.

    With the recent hot weather and wondering what this day would bring, fully expecting very few to turn up, I had reservations about going on this run. How glad I was that a last minute decision was made to go. We couldn't have had a much better day, maybe a little less wind but heh, apart from blowing around a bit on Range Road between Delamere and Victor Harbor, what a thoroughly good day with good company to top it off.

    We departed Darlington and made our way south, over the Myponga Dam and on to Delamere, with a few photo stops in between. ( See the photos, a lot of them, in "Gallery"). From there to Encounter Bay for our Fish and Chip lunch. Various members went their own way home from here but a few of us went around the back of Victor to Nangawooka Corner to the back of Port Elliot and up the Crows Nest road for another stop to overlook Goolwa and the Murray Mouth.
    Again a few left the group with 3 of us turning off onto Nangkita Road at Mount Compass and heading down there for about 8kms. to a little roadside place that for 2 - 3 months of the year, in front of you, make fresh Blueberry Ice cream. Sitting under the shade of Willow trees by a little creek eating our delicious ice creams, what an end to the day. Thanks to John Fallenberg for this info, it was a new one for me.

    Gerald departed us from here, heading back to the city, whilst John and I continued on to the Bull Creek road, turning left to Meadows, where we parted company, with me going on to Hahndorf and down the South Eastern Freeway to home. I traveled 324kms on a most enjoyable day with good weather and in good company.

    I almost forgot, there were 12 people on 10 bikes.

    Thanks to Stephen Mutton for organising the ride, well done.

    The Annual Ice-cream Run.

    This year, 2015, it didn't happen. During the day, Friday 2nd. of January, the daytime temperature reached 44 deg. so our ever thoughtful Committee members, Bailey and Garth, decided that we probably would not have too many members turn up to our general meeting, followed by the ice-cream run, so it might be prudent to buy a few assorted tubs of ice-cream along with cones, so that we could still have a "lick" or two.

    The idea, as good as it was, sort of fell short a little, as when we chaired up for our meeting, outside of the club rooms, a nice cooler breeze had sprung up. Not only that but the low number of members expected, because of the heat, was also a surprise, because about 40 odd turned up. But never mind, we all had a nice cooling ice-cream or two each and the night turned out successfully after all.

    We thank Bailey for running around and sourcing the ice-cream and cones.

    Sorry for the lack of a photo or two, I forgot my camera.

    See what eventuates next year.  !!!!!!!