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Thanks to the foresight and generosity of some very early members, the Club has acquired a set of tools fashioned on those referred to in BMW workshop manuals.

The tools cover a range of procedures which generally apply to BMW twin machines built between 1955 and 1969 and while made chiefly for the R60 series some may also apply to the single machines.  Trevor Green has photographed and catalogued the tools and provided a brief description of their purpose in the attached document. (see below)

The tools are available for loan to Club members subject to the lodgement of a security deposit which will be refunded once the tool is returned in good working condition.  Please contact a Committee member if you would like to borrow one of these tools.



Hello Historic Bike owners
The BMW Club will be setting up a display of BMW motorcycles, which are 30 years and older, at the Macclesfield sports oval on the 5th November this year.  Please see attached flyer re the event.

The Committee has asked me to coordinate the display.  I would like to get a range of models, they don't have to be pristine and they do not have to have historic registration so this could include some of the early K series.  Entry to the event for owners displaying a machine will be free, spectators will pay the token sum of $5.

The Club has re-programed the next Classic Ride day to coordinate it with this event so we have a very good opportunity to put on quite a show in the display and outer areas around the oval.  I believe there will be awards for the best display bike as well as the best bike in the outer area.

Could you please advise me via email at: , if you are able to display your 30+ year machine on the day.  Please note, your bike does not have to be registered under the Historic Registration Scheme to enter.  

GETTING THERE:  Some of you may prefer to go straight to Macclesfield others may prefer to be part of the Classic ride, either way I have confirmed you can enter the display after the 10am start as long as I know you will be there.  I plan to be at Macclesfield early on the 5th to organise, if you are also able to help that would be great.

The event organisers will also have a non club area for individuals to display machines, so if your pride and joy is something other than BMW powered you can also attend.  I have tried to include everyone in this email but could have missed a few so check with your fellow members about whether they are going to attend.

I need your name, bike model, year of manufacture, best contact number/email.

Get those batteries charged and start polishing. I look forward to hearing from you!

Len Sundstrom
82951647, 0418819407

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