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Thanks to the foresight and generosity of some very early members, the Club has acquired a set of tools fashioned on those referred to in BMW workshop manuals. 

The tools cover a range of procedures which generally apply to BMW twin machines built between 1955 and 1969 and while made chiefly for the R60 series some may also apply to the single machines.  Trevor Green has photographed and catalogued the tools and provided a brief description of their purpose in the attached document (see below).

The tools are available for loan to Club members subject to the lodgement of a security deposit which will be refunded once the tool is returned in good working condition.  Please contact a Committee member if you would like to borrow one of these tools.


IT'S ON AGAIN!!  Sunday 4th November, this year the Lions Club have opened up the display category to all motorcycles.  The BMW committee has asked me again to organise our Club display.  I have sent an email to all members on the Historic Register but am also seeking exhibits from members with later model BMW's K, R, G & F bikes.  Contact details Len Sundstrom,, or 82951647.
More details to come


I attended the Cousin Jack Rally at Kadina run by VVMCC NYP on Sunday 6th May 2018.

It’s a one-day rally so I left early on the Sunday for the 140 kms ride to Kadina on the R90s. It started a bit cool but ended up being a warm day. After signing in I spent a bit of time walking around the bikes some classics, some sidecars and some newer ones. Overall there were 78 riders who signed in and lots of other people were turning up just for a look. 

They had 2 runs to choose from going at the same time one long and one short. I took the short one then came back to the club house for a BBQ lunch with lots of salads. After lunch we had the show and shine with bikes lined up in various categories. I bumped into a couple of old club members as well as Ian Tretheway on his immaculate R50. The prize giving next and it was all over by 3.30 followed by a pleasant ride home.

The Cousin Jack Rally is held every 2 years the next one is in 2020.

The reliability of classic BMW’s is without question, there are several club members who come to mind who are riding classic bikes, Harry Glocke R69s, Garth Daking R60/2 have both done long trips on their bikes. Also, Trevor and Marilyn Green on their R60/2 have made some very long trips two-up with camping gear in the last 3-4 years. Of course, there are all the other club members with BMW 5/6/7’s and K series that are very capable of being comfortable, reliable classic motorcycles. Get out there and use them! 

Safe riding- John (Sarg) Sargent


Well what a turn out.  I had every confidence that the BMWOCSA display would be good but at the same time I was a bit sceptical that there might not be a big crowd on the day, as the organisers really only had three months to bring it all together.

To my delight the day drew a range of display bikes and a decent crowd, estimated at between 1200 and 1500.  The weather was warm but not too hot although I could see some bright red heads developing as the day went on.  We had 21 bikes on display ranging from 1938 through to 1985 (even including a K100RS model) and there were more waiting in the wings. Sorry we could not fit you all in.

A large number of the public walked through the display as well as other club members who came up for the day trip.  Former club member/historic registrar Cameron Mighall also dropped in to add his congratulations and I received many other positive comments about the BMWOCSA on the day.  Maybe we even picked up some prospective members.

Tyler Cushion won the show prize for his Daytona Orange 1974 R90S and everyone else seemed to have an enjoyable day.  Thanks to John McLarty and John Cameron who right from the start offered to help me on the day, John Mc also gave me some excellent feedback about the final display placings. A big thank you also to all who displayed a bike on the day.  See photos below

I’m sure it will be on again next year, so put the first Sunday in November in your diary I can think of at least a dozen other models that weren’t represented on the day so next year we might crack 30 odd on display.

Len Sundstrom

Display bikes:

Stuart & Anna Beinke                 R90S                                  1976

John Cameron                            R100S                                1978

Des & Penny Chabrel                 R51/3 & chair                     1954

Dave Cushion                             R90S                                  1974

Tyler Cushion                             R90S                                  1974

Garth Daking                              R60/2                                 1962

Ben Daking                                 R60/5                                 1972

Colin Gale                                   R90S                                  1976

Bailey Gifford                              R100RS                             1977

Harry Glocke                              R69S                                  1969

Trevor & Marilyn Green              R60/2                                 1964

Hans Hachler                              R50                                    1958

Terry Hannigan                           R90S                                  1974

Jennifer Harris                            R80                                    1985

John McLarty                              R90/6                                 1976

John Roy                                     R75/5                                 1973

John Sargent                               R100/7                               1977

Len Sundstrom                            R61                                    1938

Joanna Sundstrom                      R25/3                                 1955

Mark Tilka                                    K100RS                             1984

                                               Ian Trethewey                              R50                                    1955


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