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Overnight Run, 14th. and 15th. of March.

Meet "North"; Caltex service station, corner of Montague and Main North Roads, Pooraka, 5095 at 9.30am for a 10.00am departure.

This ride will be led by Stephen Mutton on a scenic route to arrive at the Jamestown Commercial Hotel ( 8664 0077 ) for the evening meal and accommodation. 
There are various rooms on offer such as interior rooms at $60.00, $75.00, and $120.00 and in the motel, outside, units are $120.00 consisting of a queen and a single bed.
There is off street parking by the motel.
Should be a great weekend away.


Good News

The next BMWOCSA Classic Bikes Ride Day is on Sunday 12 April 2015


Riders will gather at Central at 9.30am for a 10.00am departure. [Coles Express Servo,111 West Tce, City.]

It will,as usual, be an easy scenic ride

It is a BYO day.

Seating and shelter is provided at the venue.

Some people may wish for their partners etc that do not pillion to be part of the day.

 I will give out our destination on the morning of the ride and they could arrange to arrive there at 12.00 Midday.

The venue is solely ours for the day.  It is easily located some distance from a very well known town.

I think it is unwise to have cars and bikes mixed up together on a ride, so I would discourage that sort of participation.

If you do take advantage of the partner concept, please advise your people to stay out of the Car Park in front of theHall as that is where we will be parking the bikes. There is ample parking for Cars elsewhere.

We hope our members with later model bikes will as usual ride with us as they are an integral part of the day. Their partners etc are also very welcome to take advantage of the separate participation arrangements.

A full tank of fuel is required so please arrive in time if you wish to fill up at Central.

We request all of our Members who use the benefits of the Historic Register to give particular attention to their  participation in this  BMWOCSA  allocated Classic Bikes Ride Day.

If the weather appears inclement, come to the General Meeting on the10th,check the website or email me for further details, but give me time to answer.[ migl@bigpond.com].


Hope for fine weather.

Olde’ is good,



Could this interest you?, even though "Victor Harbor" 
spelt wrongly.


And don't forget to check the "Calendar"  for all future events.


Mid Week rides

Please note that these rides are not official Club events, 
but are ad hoc meetings of like minded Club members, so it would pay to have a 
"ring around" before arriving at the meeting point, or you may find that you are on your own.

We always try for new roads and destinations but unfortunately we have travelled most within about a 250 km. radius of the meeting point, so if you have what you consider to be a day ride/destination that could be of interest to your fellow members and visitors, please rock up at the Tower Hotel, 621 Magill Road, Magill, 5072 and lead us astray, we'd love that.

Our next mid week is on Wednesday the 15th. of October, 2014. 


OK so you want some motorcycle reading, well this site will keep you busy for a loooong time.

We have permission to use this site and articles from it with the proviso that the owner and developer of it is recognised. The site is simply titled, "The Old Bloke", and he is none other than Elwyn Jordan, and, his very extensive read is 
And do you know where the meeting points are?, see below.

1. North Caltex service station, corner of Montague and Main North Roads, Pooraka, 5095.

2. Central – Shell, Coles Express service station, 111 West Terrace, Adelaide, 5000.

3. South – Shell, Coles express service station, 1477 - 1479 Main South Road, Darlington, 5047.

4. Midweek - Tower Hotel, 621 Magill Road, Magill, 5072.

5. Caltex - 965 Port Wakefield Road, Bolivar, 5110. ( meet here only on trips that
travel north towards Pt. Wakefield ).
6. Occasional meeting point is The Civic Park, opposite Westfield Tea Tree Plaza Shopping
Centre, 976 North East Road, Modbury, 5092.

7.  Last but not least our monthly club meetings are held in the Atujara Motorcycle Club rooms. King Street, Penington, S.A. 5013 (Enter via Torrens Crescent).


Ride Etiquette.
On rare occasions on recent rides, lead riders have taken off without using their mirrors to ensure that the rest of the riders are still with him/her. In cities or larger towns the group can easily be separated by other traffic or traffic lights, and of course in the country, if the leader cannot see the group, how will he/she be aware of a breakdown or worse, an accident?.  So please watch out for your following rider, even on dirt, take time to look.
Courtesy can be contageous, try it.

Please be aware that rides may be cancelled at short notice due to inclement weather or for any other reason deemed neccessary by the Club Captain or the ride Co-ordinator. If you are unsure of an event, contact details can be found in this site under "Contact Us".
We must always be aware of our  "DUTY OF CARE".



Rides are organised as a social gathering only, and in coming with us you ride totally at your own risk. Any personal injury or accident insurance is totally the responsibility of the individual rider.

The BMWOCSA invite you to participate in rides in express reliance on the following acknowledgements, releases and warranties:

  1. The BMWOCSA rides are social, and therefore none of the organisers or other participants accept any responsibility for the safety of riders and pillions participating in any of the rides.
  2. Motorcycling is an inherently dangerous activity and by its nature involves risks (both foreseeable and unforeseeable) of serious injury and/or death and/or property damage.

    You warrant that:

  • you have a suitable level of expertise and riding skill to safely participate in any of our rides;
  • you have satisfied yourself as to the nature of the proposed ride;
  • the motorcycle you will be riding on is in a roadworthy condition;
  • you have carefully inspected it and you are satisfied it is in good order and fit for the ride;
  • if you are a pillion, your rider has sufficient expertise in order to be able to participate in the ride;
  • you will either not start on a ride or immediately cease participating in the ride if you feel you will be unable to safely participate;
  • you release, as far as permitted by law, completely and unconditionally the organisers and other riders from all liability, for any loss or damage and any claim on account of injury to the person or property or resulting in death arising out of or relating to the ride;
  • in participating in the ride you fully understand the above and participate in the ride freely and voluntarily without any threat or inducement assurance or guarantee; and
  • if you invite someone else to come with you on the ride, then you will make sure that they know and accept the matters set out in this disclaimer.
Again, remember, at all times, it is our  "DUTY OF CARE".